Feature Review: Beacon Technology

Epifany uses leading-edge technology and minimal hardware to micro-locate guests and optimize the survey deployment process.

What is Beacon technology?

Beacons are small, wireless, low-energy Bluetooth transmitters that broadcast a unique signal for each brick and mortar business location using Epifany. Primarily, they help collect important location-based customer data. Beacons also empower Epifany partners to send customized push notifications to customers’ smartphones directly through their branded app. In a nutshell, beacons:

  • Facilitate the micro-location of guests within an area (ranges up to 200 feet and accurate within several inches).
  • Give the ability to send customized local notifications to welcome guests to your business and influence behavioral buying habits.
  • Provide means to collect valuable customer data for every guest, like their physical location and order type.

The Epifany Advantage:

While lots of SaaS platforms use beacons, Epifany breaks the mold with how we leverage them to strategically streamline customer engagement.

For one, Epifany uses beacons to bypass the need for POS integration. Beacons are the only “hardware” necessary for our CX platform to function properly. All beacons are also monitored and maintained remotely by Epifany.

Our proprietary use of beacons and other leading-edge technologies also allows us to offer your customers optimized mobile surveys with user-friendly interface and minimal customer time commitment (60 seconds or less). This inherently increases guest participation and strengthens data integrity.

Beacons also enable Epifany to log the time and location for every customer survey submitted. No more asking customers to enter a 20-digit code before they start a survey and no more guesswork on your end, thanks to beacon-powered who/what/when/where tags and the known visit type (e.g. dine-in, carry-out, drive-thru) for every guest.