Feature Review: Insights Suite

Epifany limits information overload by refining customer content and delivering the most relevant insights on a per-team basis.

What is the Insights Suite?

All customer data and feedback collected by Epifany lives in a customized, backend Dashboard where your management personnel can access real-time data that’s unique to their role, responsibilities and initiatives. The Dashboard not only centralizes insights from different sources, but serves as an interactive solution for different teams across your organization for CEM, CRM and beyond.

You can set up tiered personnel permissions for different individuals at various levels to ensure that they only have access to the information that’s most important to them and their everyday functions.

Epifany promises to deliver flexible insights for every role. Default team Dashboards include: Customer Experience, Field Operations, Digital, Marketing, and C-Suite — because we know that each team has their own focus, and utilizes different data sets to make decisions on a daily basis. We’ll always work with you to customize your Insights Suite in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

Why insights are important & how Epifany delivers them differently:

Customer experience is at the center of your business and every single interaction. But in order to be truly customer centric, you need digestible and actionable guest feedback/data at your fingertips.

That’s why the Epifany Insights Suite makes it extremely easy to close the loop on customer comments with the following functionalities:

  • Every survey response is tied to a known customer.
  • Live feedback alerts ensure that your management team not only receives urgent information immediately, but can contact guests directly and instantaneously.
  • Address customer feedback quickly and appropriately with canned or custom responses.
  • Offer customers an apology and/or complimentary offer to facilitate customer recovery and encourage return visits.

We also make sure there’s plenty of positive customer feedback at your disposal, which can be especially useful for boosting team morale:

  • Associate positive customer experiences with high-performing managers / crew members on-shift to recognize superstars and help reinforce an affirmative service culture within your business.

Lastly, Epifany offers customized reporting capabilities, so you can view and drilldown on data in a way that best suits your personal preferences:

  • View detailed customer profiles and visit feedback in a dynamic Dashboard and/or exportable reports.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of ways to filter and sift through data, so you’re always illuminating the most essential insights.

We know that managing customer experience is a team effort, in a big way. The Epifany Insights Suite streamlines the way your entire organization receives and digests data — all so that your business can be the best version of itself, and so that every customer is a happy customer.