Feature Review: Survey Optimization

Epifany enables you to offer superior, user-friendly mobile surveys that efficiently and accurately measure guest experience.

What is survey optimization?

Epifany-engineered mobile surveys provide your customers with a more native, convenient medium for leaving feedback — directly through your brand’s existing app. We use beacon technology to identify / hyper-locate customers and subsequently customize question sets based on their visit type and other personal details. These smart, concise surveys can be completed in 60 seconds or less, thanks to the following technologies:

  • Survey Reminder Push: Automated, beacon-powered push notifications that ping a customer’s smartphone upon arrival at your business.
  • Branch-Logic & Skip-Logic: Tailors questions to individual customers based on previous responses, order type and personal profile.
  • Rotating Question Pools: Facilitates a unique survey each visit; gives you the ability to customize survey questions for designated regions and/or customer cohorts.
  • Keyword Hints & Gibberish Detection: Asks customers to provide more detail when they give vague answers or respond with incoherent/illogical content.

Why it’s important:

In order to provide an efficient and accurate survey, it’s imperative that the survey and its questions reflect the experience and/or personal profile of a guest. Important factors we consider when optimizing a survey are: the customer’s visit type (drive-thru, dine-in, carry-out, etc.), demographic profile (age, gender), geographic locality (state, region, city, etc.), and overall level of satisfaction with their experience (negative or positive).

A fusion of proprietary technologies allows our mobile surveys to be quick and efficient (~5 to 10x shorter than the industry-standard survey), due largely in part that they’re hyper-relevant to the customer. Results have shown that strategically targeting questions to customers allows you to elicit a significantly higher quantity and quality of feedback on a regular basis.

Additionally, our solution is leveraged directly through your existing, branded mobile application. This means your employees can focus on pushing your brand’s own digital platform, effectively centralizing customer experience and data collection. Promoting your brand’s app also increases brand awareness and user engagement, ultimately driving retention and repeat visits.

How Epifany does it differently:

A large majority of brands in the service industry are using dated technology to collect guest feedback and measure customer experience. The market’s most prominent, existing solutions require customers to visit a website listed on their receipt to complete a standardized survey about their experience. The survey consists of 25-30 questions, takes 4-6 minutes to complete, and all customer feedback is anonymous.

For many brands using these systems, survey participation is considered a key performance indicator. Convincing customers to submit a generic, lengthy (and accurate) survey on every visit poses a major challenge for these businesses’ employees. Motivating customers to fill out a survey is much easier when it takes less than a minute to complete and half of the legwork (manually entering visit type, personal info, etc.) is already done for them — by Epifany.

Today, brands are seeking a more reliable quantity and quality of customer data than current market solutions provide. Few have access to dynamic customer relationship management tools that provide data beyond what they receive from their point of sale system. That’s where Epifany comes in.

We employ a combination of uniquely proprietary technologies to make every customer survey as smart, concise, personalized and convenient as possible. Your brand can then access, drill-down on and make strategic decisions with critical customer experience related information in an interactive, web-based Dashboard that’s custom-built for your business and the individuals that power it.