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Who We Are

Epifany uses short mobile surveys to gather the right information and feedback from the right people at the right time — painting a clearer picture of who your customer is and what their experience is like.


Our Mission

We believe every brand should have access to the most intelligent and practical business insights so that they can deliver the best possible experience for their customers.

Core Values

To accomplish our mission and ensure we provide every ounce of value promised to our clients, these four core values serve as the framework for everything we do.


At Epifany, we’re fortunate to do what we love and love what we do. Our team is passionate about our product and the value it provides every variation of our end-user. We’re looking for dynamic individuals to join our team and start making an impact on day 1. If this sounds right up your alley, check out our open positions.

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Platform Technology Partners

Staying on the leading-edge is what makes Epifany different than other solutions on the market. We take bits of the best to expand our platform’s functionality and seamlessly integrate with some of the most powerful technology providers on the planet.

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