Marketing, Research, and Administrative Intern 2019-05-08T14:29:48-04:00

Marketing, Research, and Administrative Intern

Who is Epifany?

Epifany is a ready-made, mobile feedback and intelligence platform that streamlines how our clients manage their fan/member/customer experience, measure satisfaction, and build lasting relationships.

Epifany uses short, digitally-optimized surveys integrated into existing mobile apps to collect important information and feedback from fans/members/customers, which allows our clients to identify who their fans/members/customers are, what parts of the experience are most important to them, and what their preferences are at an individual level for relevant issue resolution and marketing outreach.

What makes Epifany’s feedback surveys different from all the others? We take a “tech first” approach to feedback. The surveys take less than two minutes to complete due largely in part to the strategic use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to mine more insights from fewer questions. The insights can be investigated and issues resolved in real time thanks to our dynamic dashboard and negative experience alerts. And our intelligence contributes to a 360-degree understanding of the fan/member/customers because of our focus on integrating “survey data” with “big data.”

Intern Role and Responsibilities

The main role for the intern will be to assist the Product and Client Success teams in the development of client-related deliverables, sales support materials and management of client relationships.
  • Sales research and assistance with updating HubSpot CRM as needed
  • Collecting and analyzing data on target clients and vertical markets
  • Drafting pitch presentations for new client prospects
  • Consolidating results of quantitative surveys into reports, presentations, and other required data exports
  • Coding open response answers into key categories with a high level of accuracy
  • Managing incentive distribution for partner sweepstakes
  • Other duties as assigned
  • A strong orientation to manage detailed information and data
  • Ability to communicate orally in presentations and in written form in client communications
  • Experience with data collection methods (surveys, focus groups, etc.) and market research analysis a plus
  • Innate interest in sports with a primary focus on NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA a plus
  • Strong experience with presentation development software (e.g. PowerPoint, Google Slides) and spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Working towards undergraduate degree/certificate in Business, Marketing, Statistics/Analytics, Sports Management preferred

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