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Designed to Deliver

Epifany is thoughtfully designed to serve professionals within various specialties and departments across numerous industries.


Our industry-specific aspect libraries and proprietary technologies ensure that the way you consume your customers’ feedback makes putting intel into action a streamlined process.

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Restaurants + Hospitality

Enhances your app’s functionality while giving you clear line of sight to customer satisfaction


Sports + Entertainment

Illuminates the exact fan insights you need in order to make changes that drive impact


Health + Fitness Clubs

Reveals member preferences and sentiment that help you optimize investments


CX + Insights

Puts refined, relevant, prioritized content in the hands of the experts to maximize actionability

Field Operations

Delivers feedback to frontline managers for improvement + employee recognition


Drives traffic and customer engagement via integrated user-friendly CX surveys


Arms marketers with micro-level customer information for more impactful messages


Gives executives the stats + trends they need to make data-driven decisions


Different teams at your organization require access to different insights in order to do their job, so we’ve customized variations of our Dashboard to be a solution for every team.

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